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mellibelli designs are hand sewn, one-of-a kind original works and couture garments.
Each piece is a prelude to the customer experience, tailored for comfort, adorned to express beauty, creativity and life.
Designer Melani Dowdy Tucker is a seamstress, a visionary, an artist. Each unique item is a wearable of art, selecting her material from global sources, designing and hand-crafting her work, all staying ahead of trends.
The mellibelli brand combines versatility and quality with boundless creativity and delivers an exceptional product line. 
The mellibelli brand is ART... as a potential mellibellretailer you are our gallery.
We share with our retailers a belief in delivering nothing less than a complete experience. Included with your wholesale order is everything you need to merchandize your mellibelli display. Hangtags, stickers, postcard, embroidered patches, mini posters and tent cards. POS bags, boxes and wrapping paper. 
  • Payment Type – We accept all major credit cards & Paypal via

  • Payment Terms – Please provide payment in full at time of purchase for orders of 6 to 24.                                                         For wholesale orders over 2 dozen please provide 50% deposit and 50% balance due 7 days prior to delivery.

  • Lead times – Please allow 2-3 weeks for most orders under 2 dozen.  Delivery times may be predetermined on a per order basis.

  • Shipping policy – Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

  • Return Policy – We accept returns, within 15 days, for un-damaged items only.

Embellished Jackets & Blazers
Designer, Melani Dowdy Tucker
Collection: Embellished Denim & Army Jackets and Blazers
Style: One of a kind Denim &  Army Jacket Designs
Desc: Carefully curated vintage denim and official Army surplus jackets are hand embellished.
Material: Denim & hand selected fabrics
SRP: $160
Wholesale price: $80 (minimum order 6 units)
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Designer, Melani Dowdy Tucker
Embellished Tops & Tee's