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My Collage Work

Hello! My name is Melani Dowdy Tucker. For years I've created ornate appliques & embroidery using up-cycled fabrics. Some fabrics are from beloved vintage clothing while others are collected during travels.  In these pieces below, I've taken my drawings and favorite portraits to re-interpret them into larger scale collage work.


The One With The Flowers

My very first collage! Based on a drawing I created in 2017. Made of Silk, Cotton & Upholstery fabric.


... So She Did

Based on a drawing I created in 2018, this collage is made of Silk, Cotton and other upcycled fabrics set against a West-African cloth background.


A Band Of Gold

Based on a photograph of my Mom and her life-long girlfriends, during a time each were getting en-gaged, in the 60's. Made of Satin, Cotton, Denim and Upholstery fabrics.

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